What about HR?

Wearing many hats…

As entrepreneurs, we start our own businesses, because we simply love what we do right?
We want to wake up every day and do what we love, and get paid for it, bonus! Whether
you’re a fashion guru running your own fashion boutique, or you make handmade cards
because you love to get crafty, we all start because we have a passion in what we do.
Let’s be honest though, we can all be a bit naive when it comes to starting a business,
because initially, we plan to wear ‘one hat’. We want to be the Business Owner, Founder,
Director… you get me, right?
What we tend to forget, is that running a business is like juggling 15 balls at once! Or, my
favourite analogy, wearing more than one hat a day. Before we know it, we are faced with
responsibilities we never imagined, and find ourselves taking on various roles, such as, the
Social Media Marketer, the Customer Service Advisor, the Bookkeeper, and the Human
Resources Professional, which let’s be honest, we didn’t really sign up for.
All these roles though, are fundamental parts of any business and a business simply
cannot function without them. When it comes to growing your business, the role of HR
really shouldn’t be neglected…

Human Resources… What’s it all about?

Okay, let’s focus on Human Resources…what exactly does it do for a business? Well, we
could really be here all day if we explained everything it does (after all you cannot spell
HERO without HR!).
To put it into simple terms, Human Resources helps to effectively manage the relationship
between an employer and employee. Sounds simple right?
In 2019, 41% of small businesses handled HR tasks themselves, spending a total of 18
hours a month on paperwork. That’s a lot of time that could be spent doing other things,
agree? Maybe it’s not so simple after all…
There are lots of potential issues that could arise during the employment relationship, and
unfortunately, not every one is plain sailing. There may be issues with poor overall
performance, high levels of absence, gross misconduct etc. It can all feel a bit
overwhelming to handle as a business owner, especially if you have little experience in
doing so. This is where HR can really step in and be your knight in shining armour, by providing invaluable advice and support to help get issues like this quickly resolved. HR
professionals have exceptional knowledge on Employment Law and can help to ensure
you act fairly and consistently, whilst protecting you and your business.
As we know, with employing people, comes a hefty amount of paperwork. From the
moment you advertise a vacancy, right up until the day the employee leaves, there is a
significant amount of paperwork involved, and you probably didn’t start your business
because you love paperwork, right? HR can take away the pressure, by providing you with
all the tools you need to keep organised, ensuring you never have to suffer with a ‘HR
Headache’ again.
Apart from managing the employment relationship, most HR professionals have a sound
knowledge of employee engagement strategies and company cultures. They can act as
great coaches to help with specific situations. Without people, a business cannot succeed,
and so, if you find yourself struggling to identify a resolution for high staff turnover, high
absence levels and low employee engagement, then they are equipped with the
knowledge and tools that you can implement to help your business truly thrive!

But here is the issue…

There is a common assumption, that small businesses do not require HR, and HR is just
for larger corporations. The truth is, regardless of the size of your business, you still must
abide by the UK Employment Law, so even if you’re a business who employs just one, HR
processes are still very important.
There is no denying that HR can be an incredibly complicated aspect of running a small
business, and it may be really tempting to sweep your people issues under the carpet, or
hand over the responsibilities to someone else who is not qualified but doing so puts you
and your business in an extremely vulnerable position.
To summarise, HR is a ‘no brainer’ investment when it comes to business.
• If you really want the best for your business and people
• If you want your business to truly thrive
• If you want peace of mind knowing your people stuff is up to date and is dealt with
• If you want peace of mind knowing your business is legally compliant
• If you want to be an employer of choice…
…then investing in a HR professional is the way forward. You really can focus on doing
what you do best, leave the HR hat to the a HR professional 😉

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