Staying balanced and healthy in times of stress and uncertainty

It’s fair to say that we are largely creatures of habit and entrepreneurs, by there nature, tend also to like to hold the reins and be firmly in control!

Stress and anxiety arises when our natural habits and / or environment becomes threatened or when our actions are no longer aligned with our core values.

So with the world as it is and only the prospect of flux and uncertainty ahead, it becomes clear why these times are particularly challenging… and lets not even begin to think about the financial and commercial stresses to add to the mix!

The impact of this stress on our mental and physical health is massive. Our bodies are just not designed to live in this primitive state of high alert and it certainly takes its toll.

Here are a few simple actions you can take to minimise the grey hairs, wrinkles …and tendency to reach for the valium and vino!

  1. Breathe well! So often we get told to breathe, but not how to breathe. So, sit or lie down and imagine you have a belt around your waist. As you inhale consciously expand into the whole of the belt (font, back and sides). Actively relax and soften the body as you exhale.  If you have trouble sleeping, this is a great exercise before bed, or as an alternate to counting sheep!
  2. Savour movement in fresh air. Don’t just get yourself outside, pause to appreciate the moment of being outside. Let your body soak up the sights, sounds and energy of the surroundings… whatever they are … and whatever the weather.
  3. Drink plenty. I know you’ve heard it before, but how many of us have actually done anything about it? We frequently reach for a snack when our body is just thirsty. A great trick is to start the day with your ‘inner bath’ by drinking 500- 800ml of water first thing. fabulous for the bowels and the body instantly feels refreshed.
  4. Set some goals… so obvious, but so often overlooked in times of pressure! Take some time to work out where you are now and where you want to be. Use the gap the gap you have identified to set a maximum of 3 clear goals. Ensure that you break these goals down into simple stepping stone actions, that you can track.

Stay strong, stay focused and stay positive.

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