Mental Health x Physical Health

Some time ago, I realised that if I looked after my physical health, my mental health would also improve. So years on, why do I still compromise my mental health by not looking after my physical health? Sounds easy doesn’t it.. Am I lazy? I don’t think so, I work hard enough, I’m always busy.. and therein lies the problem. I’m always busy. But am I though? Am I always too busy to dedicate half and hour to an hour each day to preserve both my physical and mental health and in turn my business and life? How often do you catch yourself scrolling through the socials? Me? Probably way too often. How often do you struggle to fit everything in to your day because you have so much on your to-do list, but don’t know where to start so you waste half a day fretting over what needs to be prioritised? And then you give yourself a hard time because you haven’t achieved what you wanted to achieve and so it turns into an ever decreasing circle of self-loathe because you just don’t think you’re good enough or capable enough of running your own business? Sounds familiar? Ok, so what happens if you try and include 30 minutes of movement into your day – doesn’t matter what it is – walking, running, dancing, paddle boarding, cycling, yoga – anything that gets your body moving, anything that shifts your mind away from your work, dedicate only 30 minutes of your day to it, and see what happens. I have to add here I’m not an expert, I can only talk from experience and what has worked for me in the past. But I know it won’t do your mental (or physical) health any harm.

I’m coming up to one of the busiest two weeks of the year so far, but I’m going to commit to some form of movement for at least half an hour each day, and I’m going to document what I do and how I’m feeling each day and what difference it’s making to my business below and on’s Instagram stories.  For me more than anything, I want to prove to myself again that physical movement does actually improve my mental health, and my capability to deal with whatever’s thrown at me in my business and in life. I’m so prone to burnouts, feeling like I’m not good enough, and have low self-esteem when I let my mental health slip. I deserve to feel better about myself, so I’m going to do something about it.

*I am aware that mental health issues come in all forms (just like physical ailments do) and it is not a ‘one size fits all’ solution, and more serious mental health problems should be addressed by a professional but as for general improvement I’m sharing what’s worked for me in the past and what I’m intending to do to get my mental health back to where I want it to be*


Sunday 10th October

30min walk – as I haven’t done any form of exercise for quite a few weeks, and haven’t been feeling a 100% this week, I decided to start off with a walk. By the time I came home, my legs were jelly and I felt lightheaded. Ok, so maybe I’m not 100% over this cold and sore throat I’ve had this week! Even so, I felt more energised after a little rest, and was able to continue working all evening. Definitely felt better for taking a rest from my desk and going out for a walk. The sun was setting over the Foryd in Caernarfon too, which always helps me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.


Monday 11th October

30min walk – I decided to combine today’s walk with the school run, so I left the house at 2.45pm and took the long way round to school. I put a bit of a pace on as I thought I hadn’t left enough time to get to the school by 3.15, but actually I was there early in the end, so at least I’d had a bit more of a work out than just a gentle stroll. Today in my work I’ve been a lot more organised, although having said that I had planned the day a bit better. Even though I have an awful lot of things to do, I feel like I can handle them and not let them stress me out. Feeling quite good about myself today.


Tuesday 12th October

Sadly didn’t manage to fit anything in today, apart from a few stretches here and there. As I mentioned in the original blog, this week is crazy busy and I told myself – even though I wanted to try and move each day, if for some reason I didn’t manage it, it was ok, I wasn’t going to beat myself up about it. I realised today that it was more stressful thinking about when I could fit something in than it was just to carry on working and get to bed earlier, as I know how important my sleep is too. Feeling as though I’m on auto-pilot today, just ploughing through my to-do list.


Wednesday 13th October

Once again I didn’t manage to fit in any real exercise, apart from a little bit of yoga with my daughter. Worse still my diet has seriously gone down hill this week, so much sugar products, so much crap, and to be honest with you I’m really feeling it, and its imparing my capability to be productive. I’m working until late (midnight) every night this week and I’m waking up in the morning felling so tired I’m already looking forward to bed that evening. I’m sure though if I was eating properly, things would take me less time to do. As I explained in my original post, this is an exceptional couple of weeks for me whereby I’m doing some TV work that I was booked for months before I went full time with, and I’m struggling to fit everything in and do everything I do justice. I’m still going to persevere, and try and continue to fit in some exercise, and maybe once I’m back to normal in a couple of weeks I’ll find it much easier to schedule in time for exercise every day. I’ve also decided it’s not worth being hard on myself for not fitting it in.

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