Bocs Bwyd – Healthy Pot Noodle!

Looking for an easy lunch solution? Here’s a healthy pot noodle recipe or you by Calli from the Well Fed Kitchen!



1 nest noodles (the type that need soaking rather than boiling – I used beetroot noodles from Blue Dragon)

100g cooked chicken breast

1 carrot

1 handful mangetout

1 handful watercress

1 Spring onion

1 red chilli

1 heaped tsp white miso

1 tsp gochujang (optional)

Sesame oil

Pinch of sugar

Boiling water


Method: *Prep all your vegetables by finely slicing them into thin, even sized pieces. I’ve used carrots, mange tout & watercress, but feel free to choose your own combination.

*Finely slice the chilli (remove the seeds if you like) & shred the spring onion.

*Shred the chicken breast.

*Take a heat proof container & place your noodles at the bottom, followed by a heaped tsp of white miso paste, half a teaspoon of gochujang (optional – it adds quite a kick, so adjust to taste!), a good pinch of sugar & a dash of sesame oil.

*Pile your chicken on top, followed by your vegetables. Finally, top with the chilli & spring onion. Refrigerate.

*Remove from the fridge half an hour or so before lunch, to allow the contents to come up to room temperature.

*Pour boiling water into the container, enough to just cover the noodles. Leave to soak for the time recommended on the noodle packet.

*Stir everything together & enjoy!

*Alternative versions: swap the miso & Gochujang for Thai curry paste & add a little coconut milk & a squeeze of lime asking with the boiling water; change the pastes for some sun-dried tomato paste & oregano, or add pesto for an Italian twist.



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