Completing Basic SEO in 5 Steps

So you’ve started your own business, you know you need long-term traffic to your website now that the pandemic has led to a huge increase in the use of online services.

With 93% of online experiences beginning with a search engine, it’s hardly surprising that SEO is at the top of your marketing priority list and so it should be.

SEO is a long-term process but it doesn’t mean there are not simply actionable steps you can take now to get ahead of your competitors.

1.   Create Your Keyword List

SEO is constantly changing, however what always remains in the same is that keywords are the bedrock of SEO. Your customers may well be looking for you with terms that are different to what you might assume, so lets remove that element of assumption.

A free trial of SEMRush and using their keyword magic tool is a great tool to use, or alternatively Google Trends is a great free tool.

Aim to create a list of at least 5 keywords for each service or product you offer. List these in a tidy spreadsheet and keep it close. You’ll not only want to use them in website copy but also social media and email campaigns.

2.   Form Internal Links

Google doesn’t see your website like you do, for their bots it’s just lines of code and links. So make it easier for Google to navigate and understand your site and your most important landing pages.

Internal links are links from one page of your site to another. For example, you ideally want all pages on your site linking to your product or service pages.

Check out this internal linking structure example for a clothing client I pitched to:

Link to your products and services in the text of your blogs, homepage and about page.

3.   Start a Blog

Google released an update late in 2019 called BERT. Now I won’t go into the nitty gritty but essentially it changes search results to prioritise blog and news articles over product and sales pages.

For example Olay saw their conversions double after using blogs in their Google Ad campaigns instead of product pages.

So start a blog and look for some trending topics and questions in your industry using SEMRush’s keyword magic tool. Answering customer questions and concerns forms a bond, and a bond forms customer loyalty.

4.   Optimise your metadata

SEO is full of complicated sounding terms like ‘metadata’, but do not be phased. Metadata is simply the text in your search result like this one below for our website:

Can you spot our keywords?

Just in that short title tag and meta description we have included our main keywords seo agency, affordable seo agency and seo services for small businesses.

Optimising this space will not only increase your exposure on search engines but will also increase your click-through rate by offering keywords people actually use and are searching for in your search result.

5.   Directory Links

So we’ve covered internal links, now it’s time for external links. External links are links from other websites to yours. The more quality and relevant links you have, the higher you will feature on search.

There are huge amounts of links available on the web so its hard to know where to start. We always find starting with directories gives you a quality initial boost. We recommend this list of directory links from

Work your way down and get a good 10 to 20 links to get your website started.

Sit back and relax

SEO will provide results for the long-term but this means and take some time to get started. After following these steps it should take around 2 to 3 months for you to start seeing results, but the results will be there to stay.

For more guidance or to start working with SEO consultants, feel free to visit our website:

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