5 Ways That Coaching Can Help Your Small Business

Have you ever thought about working with a coach? No, not the kind you find in the gym, but a coach who can support you as you grow your small business. 

Business coaches, creative coaches, financial coaches, and other specialists are part of a growing UK industry. 

A coach is typically someone who works with you regularly – often over three to six months – to help you gain clarity, motivation, and inspiration in your business. You will usually meet together over Zoom or Skype, and spend an hour, or so, discussing the issues you face in your work and life and some ways to work through them.

Here are five ways that working with a coach can help your business.

A coach can help you take a step back.

Do you wear all the hats in your small business? Many of us do. You make your products, sell your services, do the accounts, try your best at marketing; you’re understandably so busy working in your business that you forget to work on your business. By the end of the month, you’ve been so occupied fighting fires that you wonder where the time has gone and what you’ve achieved! 

A coach will encourage you to step back from work and ask you to reflect and plan. They will enable you to ask questions like ‘What have I achieved so far? What hasn’t gone so well, and why do I think that is? What are my goals for the next month, the next quarter, the next year? What are my big dreams for my business (the ones I’m afraid to say out loud)?’ 

This reflection time might sound like a luxury, but it can become the key that unlocks your business’s potential.

A coach can help you work out your business (and personal) values.

Our values shape who we are and the businesses we create. Without them, we can feel like a drifting boat with no anchors. 

A coach can help you unlock your company values and, depending on the kind of coach you employ, might help you with your personal values, too. Once you know what you stand for, you can weave these values into everything you do in your work.

A coach can help you focus your energy on the right things

Even successful small business owners can quickly become impatient, workaholics, try too many ideas at once and feel overwhelmed.

If this sounds familiar, a coach can objectively help you to pick and choose where your focus should be. Your coach will encourage you to focus on tasks and plans that will benefit your business the most. You’ll still need to do the work, but your view will be clear. No more throwing spaghetti at the wall and seeing what sticks!

A coach can help you build your confidence and find your voice.

Building a small business can be lonely and exhausting. A coach can be a reassuring person in your corner, who helps you grow in confidence as you grow your business. No-one can run your business quite as you can, and a coach will remind you of this when you’re feeling a little lost.

This is especially important now as times are tough. There is space in business for all of us, but we do need to know how to use our voices to communicate our messages effectively to find our clients and customers.

Learn from someone who has walked the path before you

Have you ever tried to discuss your Next Big idea with a friend or relative, and they reply, ‘yeah…sounds amazing…keep me posted!’ then walk off into the distance? 

Work with a coach who knows your business, your industry, and the possible losses and gains you’re likely to face. A coach will give you the time and space you need to work through your ideas and plans, so don’t be afraid to use their expertise to your advantage.

How to find a coach that understands your business

Have you considered working with a coach? If so, what kind of coach do you think you need? 

An excellent place to start is to ask fellow small business owners if they have worked with a coach. If they have, can they recommend them to you?

Many coaches use social media to find clients, and a quick search on Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn will narrow down your choices. Once you’ve found some coaches, dig into their work. Do they work with businesses like yours? 

Working with a coach is an investment of time and money, so it’s good to wisely choose your coach. When you do make the leap, throw yourself into the relationship, and watch your business bloom.

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